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I am a queer mountaineer from Seattle, Washington. I’ve climbed in Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, and Iceland. I am completely addicted to pushing myself in the alpine, as well as walking the line between safety and the ultimate adventure. I am an published author, and am beyond successful in my career as a software engineer. I have my own unique set of alpine goals, and the big mountain climbs like Everest and Aconcagua don’t really appeal to me. I like to view myself as an agile alpinist. You gotta keep your shit tight.

I have gotten into the addicting habit of solo climbing some impressive routes here in the pacific northwest.

Here on my site I blog about some of the climbs I complete, but definitely not all of them! A more accurate resume of my activity in the alpine can probably be found in my Instagram posts above.


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4k meters

Mt. Rainier – Solo

April 23 – 25, 2018     Name Mount Rainier Location Washington Elevation 14,411 ft 4,392 m Difficulty WI 3 Party Size 1 Summit Success Route Length 11 km 7 miles       Charlie Read more…

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