What is mountaineering?

First you get to climb up, then you get to climb back down!


Grading a pitch is like trying to measure a hurricane. It's not easy, and every one is unique. But I have developed my own grading system based on the YDS. It measures routes from (easiest) class 1 to (difficult) class 5.


Timing is everything in mountaineering, and getting near a summit with perfect weather can be a challenge. Mountaineering can happen year round, but typically is easier in the warmer seasons.


Mountains are far safer to climb with a team or a guide. When climbing we depend on each other as much as we depend on ourselves. In some cases I climb alone, and this called "soloing" and is considered dangerous and risky.


Mountaineering has two goals. The first one is to stay alive, and the second is to reach the summit. Sometimes the two get muddled, but I try to remind myself which one comes first. No climb is perfect, and a summit is never guaranteed. Most of my climbs fail. Which is why I love this sport.


Proper equipment can save your life and be the difference between a quick pitch and a lethal fall. I will try to review my gear as my climbing continues. Having the right gear is probably more important than being in shape. Never cut corners with your equipment.

Recent Adventures

My most recent climbing entries
4k meters

Mount Fletcher

  October 21, 2017 I feel like I say this about every climb, but this climb hands down was the best climb of the year. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the company. Read more…


Subungual Hematoma

Do I have frostbite? So after doing a very cold solo climb on Sunday morning I noticed my left toe was starting to throb and turn black and blue. The skin around my toe was Read more…

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