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I am a 29 year old transgender software engineer who used to be terrified of heights.  I love to accomplish things, particularly things that are hard and scary. For someone who is deathly afraid of heights, it doesn’t get much harder and scarier than climbing mountains.

Some say I have an achievement problem and self worth issues, I just like to think that I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what I can do. But I love testing my limits.

I started climbing 14ers in Colorado in 2011 and haven’t been able to stop climbing mountains since. I am just now starting to climb outside of the state of Colorado and now I am starting to blog about my adventures.

A lot of my friends think that is a high risk (and unnecessary) hobby. My family has effectively dis owned me, and I don’t have much as far as family is concerned. So I don’t really have much to lose. I am not a parent, and all I do is work hard and climb even harder.

Some say this mentality is reckless, and I like to think of it as liberating.

Whatever you want to call it, I love the feeling of dangling on the side of a cliff and holding on for dear life. So I keep on climbing.

I want to make it clear that I am mountaineering here, which simply means the goal of climbing a mountain. Rock climbing is different in nature as there is no goal in making it to a summit, but rather to challenge yourself on tactical rock pitches. By trade I almost always will choose the easiest route to a summit.  





Front Range from the approach to Gray’s Peak

Every picture on here is a photograph I shot myself, probably with an iPhone 7.

Every picture is public domain and absolutely free to use. Please use them as you would like, and please give me credit if you feel like it! Even if you don’t want to put my name on them, I would still love to know you are using them so please drop me a line at

The open source license for all my photography can be found here.




The Archive


I have set up the site in such a way so that all my climbs should be able to be found within a few mouse clicks. I absolutely hate manual data entry, but will try to keep up with the site as much as possible.

Although I have been climbing for years, I am just now starting the archive. I will do my best to back port as many climbs as possible but a lot of the exact data was lost or never collected.



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