Okay so I am about to invest in some GPS hardware for my climbs!

So in order for me to know what I care about while looking for new hardware, I need to come up with a list of things that are important to me.

Must Have’s

Feature Reason
GPS Tracking  I will be buying this for navigation reasons, if this can’t navigate and let me know where in the hell I am it won’t do me any good. Furthermore it needs to be able to alert others of my location (precisely).
SOS I do some technical (which is the nice way of saying insane) things. I need a button that will potentially save my life. Bottom line, no button, no purchase.
Messaging  In the case I don’t need to send the SOS signal but would like to alert those anxiously awaiting my return, I would like a way to send a message. I am a software engineer so any message out to the internet is enough, and I can hack it from there.
Altimeter At a glance, no buttons, no fuss, I need to know my elevation. Period.
Time  I watch my route, my pace, and my speed like a hawk. I need an accurate time piece.
Water Resistance I need to be able to completely submerge this in water, or else it wont do me any good. I have been completely submerged in water while climbing, therefore my gear also needs to be able to do this.
Kris Resistance I fuck shit up, and I lose things all the time. This needs to be able to be easily found, and attached to my person. Also this needs to be able to survive a fall off a cliff (literally) and keep on ticking.
Low Temperatures (really) I climb in sub-freezing temperatures regularly. To put it into perspective most iPhone batteries will freeze if I take them out of my inner coat pocket for longer than about 30 seconds (yes I mean this literally). I need gear that won’t freeze.
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