Do I have frostbite?

So after doing a very cold solo climb on Sunday morning I noticed my left toe was starting to throb and turn black and blue. The skin around my toe was darkening, and I remember a moment on the climb when I almost collapsed from the pain after trying to bend it when I noticed my foot going numb.

I was about 99% sure I had developed a really horrible case of frostbite.

Furthermore after talking with my doctor about this, I was heartbroken from learning I had to keep out of the cold for 6 to 12 months! Which meant my climbing career was going to be pushed back a year!

I managed to take a picture of my toe on Tuesday morning. At this point it was seriously turning black and I was getting concerned.

By Wednesday my toe was even darker than the day before and was starting to throb pretty bad.

I was getting worried so I began to inspect my toe. I remember barely touching the nail and watching pools of blood come spilling out from under the nail. This is when I decided it was time to go to the emergency room.


At the emergency room

I was finally able to meet with a doctor who happened to be an avid mountaineer in Colorado who took 1 look at my toe and laughed and mumbled:

subungual hematoma

Which he explained was a blister underneath my toe nail, and certainly not frostbite! I was so relieved that I wouldn’t be grounded from mountaineering for the next 12 months. Also I was lucky enough to catch the “surgery” on video! Below you can see the doctor puncturing my toenail, and draining it! It’s beyond disgusting and I can’t get enough of it.



In Conclusion

I learned frostbite is a serious concern, and that developing frostbite suspend my climbing career quite quickly, so I am not taking any chances moving forward!

Also I really can’t wait to get another one of these so I can pop it! Apparently they are quite common among athletes and hikers.

Hooray! My first climbing injury!

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I bet he is PERFECT ɑt it!? Laughed Larry.

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